Whisked Turns 10!

 Whisked is turning ten, and we’re celebrating this milestone in so many ways. From giant birthday cookie cakes, to Instagram giveaways, to press releases, to discount codes, we’re celebrating big! One whole decade of homemade, quality sweetness is something to be proud of. 

Ten years ago, Jenna founded Whisked simply because she loved to bake and wanted to share this passion with the world. She had no business plan, very little training, and only a vague idea of what she would actually sell (cookies, cupcakes, brownies, and pies were all on the original Whisked menu).  She debuted Whisked at the 14th and U Farmers Market on a rainy Saturday, and was floored by how much people loved her cookies, pies, and other baked goods. The stand sold out, Jenna made $800, and she felt like a huge success. She began baking more and selling at various farmer’s market locations, eventually moving the company into Union Kitchen in 2013. Finally, Jenna and her team could bake 24/7 and fulfill growing demand from farmers’ markets and specialty grocery stores. Jenna met so many different business owners at Union Kitchen, and she was able to learn better ways to run her company by learning from them. Strong bonds were formed there because of the shared missions, shared space, and shared resources. 

Whisked made a lot of mistakes in those early years - bakers burnt cookies, Jenna did the math wrong when scaling up recipes, and ingredients were always running out. But because Jenna started small, she was able to work through the kinks, figure out our processes, and hone the cookie recipes over the first few years. By 2015, when Whisked started selling in Whole Foods Market, we were ready to grow. Over the next 5 years, Whisked went from selling cookies to a handful of stores in DC, to having their cookies in hundreds of stores throughout DC, MD, VA, and PA.   And in 2020 we fulfilled a long term dream - we finally built out our own kitchen space. Moving into our own built-out kitchen was a huge accomplishment - especially in the midst of the pandemic. Today Whisked continues to grow, selling cookies and pies to the DMV and Philadelphia area, with delivery nationwide. Keep in touch with us to get the scoop on brand new products and flavors coming soon.  We’ll be celebrating with cookies this entire month and we’d love it if you join the fun! Cheers to 10 years. 

Written by Ellie Brutsche