5 Things to do in Washington, DC

Summer is just around the corner, and we Washingtonians are ready. With the weather getting nicer and Covid restrictions beginning to ease, we are excited to spend this summer in the city. Here at Whisked, if we’re not busy in the kitchen whipping up delicious handmade treats, we’re outside exploring our beautiful city (don’t mind the cicadas!) We love DC because it’s our home, but also because of its reputation for clean, exciting, family-friendly fun with some of the most beautiful views. Whether you’re a native or you’d like to visit Washington, DC this summer, find five of our best recommendations for activities listed below. 

1. Picnic at Gravelly Point 

Gravelly Point is a popular park located in Arlington, VA just across the Potomac River from Washington, DC. Besides having a beautiful landscape and access to trails, Gravelly Point has a unique view of the Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport. Located just a few hundred feet from the runways, park-goers can watch as planes fly closely overhead. A picnic in the park watching planes makes for a lovely summer afternoon. Just pack a few sandwiches, the fruits in season, and a couple of your favorite Whisked cookies for the perfect outdoor activity. Did we mention Gravelly Point has an amazing view of the DC skyline?

2. Walk the National Mall 

Perhaps the most classic Washingtonian activity, walking the National Mall never gets old. Located in downtown DC, the national mall sits between the Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial. Whether you walk, jog, bike, or scooter, the views are unbeatable. As the weather gets nicer and nicer you’ll find people picnicking or casually having a catch on the lawn. Our best recommendation for a snack on the lawn is some ice cream from the surrounding food trucks sandwiched by 2 Whisked cookies. Messy? Maybe. Worth it? Definitely. 

3. Explore the Museums 

Washington, DC is famous for its extensive network of museums. Many are free, and all are incredible. While outdoor activities are popular in the summer for a reason, museums are a great alternative for a rainy day or when it’s simply too hot. Many museums are in the phases of re-opening with new Covid guidelines that are easy to follow. Just reserve your ticket a day or two in advance, make sure to social distance, and enjoy the exhibits. The National Gallery of Art, National Museum of African American History and Culture, ARTECHOUSE, and The National Museum of Women in the Arts are among many museums that have already re-opened at a limited capacity. Check out this full list for more information on museums in DC! 


4. Bike the Metropolitan Branch Trail 

What better way to enjoy a nice day while getting your exercise in? The Metropolitan Branch Trail stretches across Northeast DC and Maryland, and it is in the final phases of its creation. Once completed, the trail will reach 8 miles from Silver Spring, Maryland to Union Station. Currently, the trail offers a great ride alongside  the red line of the Metro into the city near union station. From there, it’s easy to continue biking or walking further downtown to the monuments. Grab a backpack for some snacks, and enjoy the ride! 

5. Visit Award-winning Restaurants

The restaurant scene in DC is simply stunning. Foodies from around the country and even the world visit the best restaurants in DC to try different foods from a wide variety of dining experiences. Check out this list of Washingtonian’s “100 Very Best Restaurants” of last year. There’s the indoor and outdoor dining, eccentric and classic restaurants, expensive and inexpensive options, you name it! One popular weekend food activity is a classic DC brunch. Several restaurants around the city offer an incredible selection of breakfast foods paired with bottomless mimosas. Additionally, the city is known for its famous Mambo (or Mumbo) Sauce. Similar to barbecue sauce, this unique condiment was created and popularized right here in the city. Find the very best options for Mambo Sauce in DC here

Written by Ellie Brutsche