Discover Fresh Cookies and Pies for Your Specialty Grocery Store

Do you own a specialty or grocery store? Enhance your bakery section with our fresh cookies and pies! We offer a comprehensive line of cookies - including Vegan options - and provide direct store delivery across the Mid-Atlantic region. If you're outside our delivery area, we ship our Vegan Crispy Cookies nationwide to grocery stores, coffee shops, convenience stores, and specialty markets.

A Decade of Deliciousness: From a DC Farmers Market to Your Store

Since our humble beginnings at a Washington DC farmers market in 2011, we've spent over a decade perfecting our recipes. Our mission is to produce the finest cookies and pies in the Mid-Atlantic, with a special focus on our extensive Vegan cookie line. We use all-natural, premium, clean-label ingredients, and bake in small batches to maintain high quality. Our dedicated team of bakers is committed to delivering fresh, delicious products to our wholesale partners across the region.

Explore Our Delicious Vegan and Traditional Product Range

Direct Store Delivery:
  • Cookies: Our cookies are available in a variety of flavors and come in six-packs and individually packaged options, including retail and bulk formats. We have an extensive line of Vegan flavors, including seasonal options, that cater to diverse tastes and dietary preferences. Our cookies are a great addition to any store's bakery section.

  • Pies: Enjoy our assortment of fruit, chocolate, and pecan pies in six-inch and nine-inch sizes. All pies are boxed in retail-ready packaging, perfect for display in your store.
Nationwide Shipping:
  • Crispy Vegan Cookies: Our crispy Vegan cookies come in retail-ready stand-up pouches. With a six-month shelf life, they are ideal for grocery sections, seasonal displays, and specialty markets. You can order our Vegan Crispy Cookies nationwide through Faire, ensuring that everyone can enjoy our Vegan treats no matter where they are.

Delivery and Shipping Across the Mid-Atlantic

We deliver our products directly to grocery stores, specialty stores, and coffee shops throughout the Mid-Atlantic, including the Washington DC metropolitan area, Baltimore, Philadelphia and its suburbs, Virginia Beach, Richmond, and Charlottesville. For those outside our delivery area, selected products are available for direct shipping. 

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