Easter Traditions

Easter is a Christian holiday, popular around the world, but there are many secular ways to celebrate it as well. Many unique practices during this holiday season have evolved into beloved traditions, aging as far back as the early Christians and the Middle Ages.  Here at Whisked we love celebrating with our pies, which are a great addition to an Easter meal, and cookies, which will spruce up any Easter basket. From Easter baskets to Easter eggs to Easter cookies, some of the most popular traditions are laid out below: 

Easter Baskets 

One of the most common forms of celebrating is with an Easter basket full of small gifts, chocolate, candy, and other desserts. Parents of young children prepare the baskets, but they tell the children that a creature called the Easter Bunny delivers these gifts during the night before Easter morning. In legend, the bunny carries colored eggs in his basket, candy, and sometimes also toys to the homes of children, similar to the deliveries of Santa Claus. Our favorite Easter basket stuffer is definitely a fresh pack of Whisked cookies… and if one won’t suffice, send a whole Easter cookie box to your loved one instead. 

Dyeing Easter Eggs
On the day before Easter, many families follow the tradition of dyeing hard-boiled eggs in spring colors. The eggs can then be decorated with flowers, patterns, symbols, and more.  The origin of this tradition dates back to Ancient Mesopotamians. In contemporary times, the egg has also become a symbol of new life in the springtime, whether religious or not.
Easter egg hunts
Another popular tradition is the Easter Egg hunt. Parents will hide plastic eggs filled with candy outside, and then children will search and collect the eggs. Some people even put change or paper money in one “Golden Egg” for an extra prize! Another similar tradition is the White House Easter egg roll. Beginning in 1878, this beloved tradition is hosted by the President of the United States on the White House Lawn. Children gather on the lawn to roll Easter eggs in a race to the finish line! 
Easter Meal 
Many families end the holiday celebration with an Easter dinner. The traditional meal of choice is spiral ham or lamb, paired with various vegetables, potatoes, rolls, and other side dishes. The hard-boiled eggs that were dyed the day before are also included in this meal. To finish on a sweet note, pies or cakes are often served as dessert. No matter what is served, the importance of gathering together and sharing a meal remains the most important aspect of celebrating this holiday. From our family here at Whisked, we wish a Happy Easter to all those who celebrate it! 
Written by Ellie Brutsche