Cookies From Around the World

Rob Bock

When summer draws to a close, we often find ourselves looking back at the summer memories we’ve made this year. Although holiday celebrations, convivial cookouts, and travels to new and exciting places are highlights of the year’s hottest months, we at Whisked! believe that can keep the spirit of summer alive throughout the year through the time-honored tradition of baking.

With that in mind, please allow us to take you on one last summer trip. No luggage or airline tickets are required — all you need is a kitchen, an oven, and an open mind for this virtual tour of... cookies from around the world!

About the author, Rob Bock
Rob Bock works for Whisked! as a fulfillment coordinator and part-time writer. He graduated from the University of Maryland, College Park with a Master of Journalism degree in 2012, and has been published in blogs, newspapers, comic books, and magazines across the country. 

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The Best Self-Care Gifts: Fall into Self-Love This Fall

Jenna Huntsberger

Are you ready to fall into some self-love this fall? Autumn is a wonderful time to embrace change while enjoying the gorgeous leaves and cooler temperatures. Let’s treat ourselves and friends and family to some self-care gifts for some seasonal TLC.

While self care might seem like simply a buzz word or media trend, it’s actually extremely vital for maintaining our overall mental health. The Yoga Journal strongly insists that self-care practices can greatly “relieve mental stress, melt muscle tension, and help you feel confident that, yes, you can tackle your lengthy to-do list and handle whatever else may come." When our mental health is in check, we tend to experience improved physical, socioemotional, and spiritual wellness.

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DIY Cookie Cutters: 3 Easy Ways to Make Your Own

Jenna Huntsberger

DIY Cookie Cutters

Have you ever wanted to know how to make cookie cutters? The process of making delicious and fun-shaped DIY cookie cutters is far easier than you’d expect. Learn how to make all sorts of shapes so you can mold your cookies into whatever you want.

What You’ll Need for DIY Cookie Cutters

  • Paper
  • Marker
  • Super glue
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Cutting gloves
  • Aluminum: either foil, oven liners, or soda cans
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The 9 Best BBQ Desserts

Jenna Huntsberger

Since before the dawn of civilization, humankind has harnessed the power of fire to enhance the quality and flavor of food. Even today, we’re hard-wired to love the smell of sizzling wood, the sight of wafting plumes of smoke, and the musky taste of charcoal that comes from food cooked over an open flame.

It should come as no surprise, then, that barbeques and cookouts are still a time-honored tradition celebrated by cultures around the world. In fact, you might have a barbeque scheduled in your calendar right now.

But here at Whisked!, we don’t believe that all glory belongs to the master of the flame. We know that the only things tastier than fire-cooked food are what comes after: the desserts. That’s why we’ve curated this list of 9 mind-blowingly good desserts that you can bring to brighten up any barbeque.

Individual Key Lime Pies

individual key lime pies
Via Food Network

Nothing says summertime like the taste of key lime (hey, that rhymed!) Not just adorable, these mini key lime pies are relatively simple to make, and are sure to “unlock” the sweet tooths of everyone at your barbeque. Keys, please!

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What is America's Favorite Dessert for the Fourth of July?

Jenna Huntsberger

America's birthday is coming up, and when a lot of people think of the Fourth of July they think fireworks, sparklers, and hot dogs. Here at Whisked! our minds go to desserts, and specifically what delicious treats we can indulge in when checking out the fireworks display. As the holiday approaches, we were curious what desserts Americans treat themselves to on the Fourth. So we asked 1,000 Americans what kind of dessert is their favorite to snack on when the Fourth of July comes. Check out our infographic to see the breakdown: Hungry Americans answered and here's the breakdown of their favorite desserts...

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Can Pies be Frozen?

Jenna Huntsberger

can pies be frozen

The short answer is yes, pies can be frozen!

Many types of pies can be frozen and thawed, or frozen raw and baked fresh. Pro tip - both of the pies we sell in our online store, Bourbon Pecan Pie and Sea Salt Chocolate Chess Pie, freeze and thaw very well!

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