America's birthday is coming up, and when a lot of people think of the Fourth of July they think fireworks, sparklers, and hot dogs. Here at Whisked! our minds go to desserts, and specifically what delicious treats we can indulge in when checking out the fireworks display. As the holiday approaches, we were curious what desserts Americans treat themselves to on the Fourth.

So we asked 1,000 Americans what kind of dessert is their favorite to snack on when the Fourth of July comes. Check out our infographic to see the breakdown:

America's Favorite Dessert for the Fourth of July

Hungry Americans answered and here's the breakdown of their favorite desserts for July 4th:

  • Ice cream: 31%
  • Pie: 16%
  • Brownies: 10%
  • Cake: 7%
  • Cupcakes: 6%
  • Cookies: 5%
  • None of these: 25%

What are you favorite desserts to munch on over this patriotic holiday? Let us know by tweeting at us, or posting on our Facebook wall.

If you just want to kick back and relax this Fourth of July and not worry about baking, you can order cookies online from Whisked!, or get a mail order pie. Enjoy!

Written by Jenna Huntsberger