Vegan Chocolate - 3 Things to Know

Can chocolate be vegan? For all you vegans with a sweet tooth, the answer is yes! Here are 3 important things to know about Vegan Chocolate from your Vegan cookie experts here at Whisked. Take a look at our vegan cookie selection, and find out for yourself why they call us the experts...

1. Does Vegan chocolate taste like regular chocolate?
Yes! There’s no need to sacrifice taste for healthier, conscientious chocolate. Most people agree that vegan chocolate tastes the same, if not better, than regular milk or dark chocolate. 

2. How can I tell if chocolate is truly vegan? 
Here at Whisked, Jenna worked hard to find a dairy-free chocolate that was produced on a dedicated non-dairy production line. Something important to consider when creating a completely vegan chocolate is the process through which its sugar is refined. Most US sugar companies use bone char (aka the crushed bones of cows) in their refinery process. So while the sugar does not contain animal bones, it comes into direct contact with them during production. 
In order to create a truly vegan product from start to finish, avoid companies that use bone char in their production process. Check out this article by PETA for a list of sugar producers that do not use bone-char filters. 

3. What process does Whisked use to ensure their chocolate products are vegan?

To maintain our high vegan standards at Whisked, we use a kosher pareve process that ensures no meat or dairy is used. The kosher pareve certification confirms that the product is inherently kosher, containing no meat nor dairy products. 

Find out just how delicious our vegan chocolate is inside our Vegan chocolate blackout cookie, Vegan chocolate chip oatmeal, or the newest seasonal flavor, Vegan Cherry Chocolate Chip. Taste the happiness baked right in.

Written by Ellie Brutsche