The Best Picnic Desserts

In the midst of our crazy world, there is one activity that will never go out of style: a good old-fashioned picnic. It’s fun, Covid-safe, and can be especially delicious with the right desserts - our personal favorite being a pack of Whisked cookies. Try out our fun flavors like Vegan Chocolate Blackout, Pretzel Cowboy, or our brand new seasonal flavor, Vegan Cherry Chocolate Chip

Whether it’s with your immediate family or with a friend six feet apart, picnics are a classic pastime that can allow us to socialize without putting anyone at risk. Bring along a frisbee, book, volleyball, deck of cards, but most importantly… dessert.  

Everyone has their favorite snacks and desserts, but here are a few of the very best desserts to bring on a picnic. They’re no-mess, convenient, and of course delicious. 

  1. Cheesecake in a Jar:  easily customizable, use your favorite cheesecake recipe to create a picnic-friendly way to enjoy this yummy dessert. Top with fresh fruits of your choice - we suggest strawberries! 
2.       Cake Cutting Hack:  Bringing along a whole cake to a picnic sounds like a messy hassle. But think again! A great way to enjoy your cake on-the-go is to “scoop” your slice with a wine glass as shown in the photo below. This hack makes for much easier birthday picnic celebrations! 
3.      Fruit Kebabs: Fresh fruit on a picnic is a no-brainer, but packing them in a plastic bag can be mushy and sticky - not to mention bad for our environment. Instead, consider placing your favorite fruits on a skewer and bringing them in a reusable container. Delicious, easy, environmentally friendly, and no more sticky fingers! 
4.      Peach Muffins: The best combination of fruit and bread, these little treats are the perfect picnic snack. Individually wrapped, they’re easy to pack and easy to eat.
Find a great peach muffin recipe here


And once again, you can’t go wrong with a pack of Whisked cookies! A self-explanatory, perfect picnic dessert. 
Written by Ellie Brutsche