What is America's Favorite Dessert to Stress Eat?

You can classify yourself as a “stress eater” if your first instinct is to reach for something sweet to eat in order to soothe your nerves. There are millions of others out there who are just like you, longing for the comfort that sugar provides during stressful situations.

We love sweet treats here at Whisked! and have been guilty in indulging in a cookie (or two) after a hard day. It got us thinking: What desserts do other Americans reach for when they are stressed?

Well, we decided to find out! We polled 1,000 Americans to see what sweets they eat when they are frazzled.

What desserts people eat when stressed

Taking a look at the type of desserts that are eaten, ice cream wins by a landslide. Here are the full results:

  • 29%: Ice cream
  • 14%: Cookies
  • 10%: Cake
  • 9%: Candy
  • 8%: Pie
  • 2%: Brownies
  • 1%: Chocolate
  • 27%: Do not eat desserts

The West vs. the Midwest

Geographically speaking, the Midwest region is most likely to opt for something sweet to soothe their nerves when they are feeling the agitation. Maybe it has something to do with the cold weather?

The further West you go, the less likely it is for someone to use dessert as personal comfort. The warmer weather must be keeping people calmer?

Men vs. Women When It Comes to Dessert Stress Eating

Women are more likely to stress eat than men, and their choices closely mirror those of the survey taken by the collective group. 1 in 3 women will choose ice cream over anything else when they are stressed. 16% will go for cookies and 11% will go for cake. Candy, pie, and chocolate are all less popular choices. 23% of women will skip dessert. 

Only two out of 3 of men participate in stress eating, but when they do, they also tend to reach for ice cream. 24% of the time, men are going to eat ice cream. 13% of the time, they enjoy cookies. Candy comes in third at 10%. Pie and cake come in last on their list, but they are still valid options if the timing is right.

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About the author, Jenna Huntsberger
Originally from Eugene, Oregon, Jenna moved to DC in 2005 to work in nonprofit communications. After deciding her real passion was pastry, she founded Whisked! in 2011, selling baked goods at a local farmer's market. Today, Whisked! cookies and pies are carried in more than 100 retail locations, and have been featured in publications like the Washington Post, Washington City Paper, and NPR.

Written by Jenna Huntsberger