It starts with a whisper, a rumor, a murmur: “I hear it’s supposed to rain this Memorial Day.”

“Really? I heard it’ll be 98 degrees and humid.”

“No no, I have the weather app on my phone, it says there’ll be perpetual darkness with a chance of fog.”

Worrying about the weather for this year’s Memorial Day cookout may be a problem for other mere mortals, but not for you -- you’re making dessert this year, and neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night will keep you from the swift and tasty completion of your appointed dessert.

That said, there are plenty of dessert options out there to choose from, and we’d like to help narrow down which dishes will be best for any Memorial Day weather event.

Nice and Sunny: Flag Cake

american flag cake
Via CJF Selections

It’s almost impossible for us to imagine a Memorial Day dessert spread without an American Flag Cake, so this classic dessert is perfect for sunny weather and great times with friends and family.

Rainy: Firecracker Rice Krispie Treats

Firecracker Rice Krispie Treats
Via Two Sisters Crafting

Oh no! It’s raining! Never fear -- these Firecracker Rice Krispie Treats can be made well before the cookout, and their small, square shapes make them easy to store in portable watertight containers, keeping them nice and dry amid the late spring downpour.

Hot Hot Hot!: Vanilla Ice Cream

vanilla ice cream
Via Gnom Gnom

Ooof, it’s hot. REALLY hot. Like, sticking-to-chair, sweating-from-every-pore hot. In this case, what better way to cool off than with a heaping helping of Vanilla Ice Cream? Just remember to make a lot, because this tasty recipe is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

Overcast: Apple Pie

apple pie
Via Smitten Kitchen

Not too hot, not too cold. Not too bright, not too dark. Some say this is ideal weather, but others might want more sun, or clouds. Although your cookout guests may not agree on the weather, but they’re sure to agree with this recipe for classic, homemade Apple Pie that just screams, “Set your differences aside, for all shall agree upon this most American of desserts.”

Humid: Cherry Pie

cherry pie
Via Cloudy Kitchen

So, the weather inside is… sticky. And a little gross. You’ll want something to take your mind off of the way your skin feels, so why not distract yourself with the sweet, tart taste of a classic Cherry Pie? (Pro Tip: if you’re too busy to make a Cherry Pie on your own, why not buy one made by your friends at Whisked! We don’t sell these online, but you can check our handy store locator to find a vendor near you.)

Tornado: Secret Rainbow Cupcakes

Secret Rainbow Cupcakes
Via Bloom Designs Online

So this one may be a bit of a long shot, but tornadoes do happen! As your guests wait out the whirlwind, dreaming of somewhere over the rainbow with better weather, surprise them by breaking out these Secret Rainbow Cupcakes! They’re fun and easy to make, so definitely try this if you want your dessert to brighten everyone’s day.

If you don't have time to bake for Memorial Day, don't worry! You can order desserts online though Whisked's online bakery. You can order cookies online or get mail order pies. We also have vegan desserts!

About the author, Jenna Huntsberger
Originally from Eugene, Oregon, Jenna moved to DC in 2005 to work in nonprofit communications. After deciding her real passion was pastry, she founded Whisked! in 2011, selling baked goods at a local farmer's market. Today, Whisked! cookies and pies are carried in more than 100 retail locations, and have been featured in publications like the Washington Post, Washington City Paper, and NPR.

Written by Jenna Huntsberger