Corporate Gifts

Congratulations! Your business partnered with some amazing people on a project and it was a huge success. Now what? Time to say thank you, of course, and show with gratitude that you would love to work with them again. Sometimes, this is the hardest part. You need something unique that says you care, while also appealing to a wide range of tastes, since you likely do not know the recipient’s preferences. It can be difficult to find a unique corporate gift while also showing your sincere gratitude. 

Here at Whisked we have a few tips for company gifts, whether it’s a “thank you” to a partner, a client,  or just an employee appreciation gift. We’ve been crafting gift boxes for employees full of cookies for the past 10 years, so our cookie experts know what is most appreciated when it comes to executive gifts. Find our best tips below. 

Show Sincerity

First things first, make sure you demonstrate sincere gratitude for the partnership. No matter what the gift is, if the gesture is sincere it will be appreciated. One way to show sincerity is to send different gifts to different clients, partners, or employees. That way, they know the gift is not generic and that their individual talent is appreciated. They are not just a number. Even if the gift ultimately does not align with the recipient’s taste, they will be grateful for the sincerity of the gesture, and more likely to work with you again. 

Make is Personal

One of the best ways to show sincerity in your gift is to make it personal. Try to remember little things that your client/partner mentioned during the work so that they know you had their interests in mind while choosing a gift. For example, if they hinted that they were a chocolate-lover, sending Whisked’s Chocolate Cravings Cookie Box instead of some classics would make the gesture much more appreciated. It also makes the gift itself meaningful. If they never mentioned their preferences, another great option is sending a personalized message along with the gift. Write a card or add a message to the order that shows you care and appreciate all of their hard work. 

Find something unique 

Possibly the hardest part of giving a corporate gift is finding something unique. Everyone has gotten a nice pen or a gift card at one point or another. But showing sincere gratitude is important if you’d like to continue a successful partnership or even keep the relationship strong for another time. Keep in mind if they have mentioned any likes and dislikes. If you know they are a sweet-tooth, send a box of desserts. If you know they love wine, research local brands to support. No matter the gift, if it is unique yet personalized, they’ll be sure to love it. 

Written by Ellie Brutsche