Your partner popped the question, your friends and family are celebrating, and now you  have to plan a wedding! You have to make so many decisions and if you’re indecisive, you’re probably overwhelmed. You have so many choices to make: the venue, the music, the photographer, and the food. You have to make decisions one at a time, but as soon as you decide one thing, you must decide three more. One thing that might be easier to decide than you think is the wedding favor – a token of your appreciation to your guests. Here are our tips for deciding on the perfect wedding favor.

Theme It

Are you throwing a themed wedding? Then the favor could be the perfect way to tie your theme together. If you are doing a beach or seashore wedding, a bottle full of sand from the beach could be the perfect keepsake for your guests to enjoy. These small gifts will remind them of the day they spent celebrating a new beginning for people they hold near and dear to their hearts. Favors do not have to be big or flashy. Often, the best ones are sentimental and meaningful. 

Make It

Another way to add a special touch is to make the favors yourself. There are tons of small gift ideas that people can make on their own that show a little extra effort. One could construct a small birdhouse for an outdoor or nature themed wedding. Another example could be to make ornaments with the date of your wedding written across. Making your own favors can also be less expensive, especially if you buy the raw materials and construct the gift yourself. Although this takes more time, it adds a level of personalization that your guests are sure to appreciate.

Bake It

You can bake your own wedding favors - or, better yet, let someone else bake them. Whisked has tons of cookie flavors that come individually wrapped and ready for your guests to enjoy. Trinkets can get lost and small toys can get broken, but cookies are sure to please. Your guests can eat them as a late-night snack after the reception, or as they travel home. You can select a number of different flavors to make sure your favors are memorable. Baked goods allow people a little sweet treat to remind them of the special day they just enjoyed with friends and family, so check out Whisked’s collection! You’ll be glad you did!

Written by Catalina DeMassi